The Athletic International Fit (AIFIT), a sports and urban apparel investment fund in the U.S. market, has recently acquired the local Chilean brand Onefit, as part of its expansion strategy in South America.

The U.S. company has chosen its AIFIT trademark to unify both Onefit and its own brand under a single identity. The new AIFIT brand is scheduled to launch in Argentina in the coming weeks.

AIFIT’s decision to consolidate its presence in Chile responds to the company’s strong commitment to provide premium products to sports enthusiasts throughout Latin America. The company has also decided to expand into the Argentine market. Rosario, known as the birthplace of important soccer players such as Messi, Maxi Rodriguez and Di Maria, has been chosen as the ideal location to establish AIFIT’s headquarters in the country.

The launch of AIFIT in Argentina is planned for very soon, and sports enthusiasts will be able to experience first-hand the quality and innovation that this global sportswear brand has to offer. In addition, the U.S. market is also set to receive the AIFIT brand during the same period, consolidating its global reach.

“We are excited to announce our expansion into Argentina and consolidate our presence in Chile through the AIFIT brand,” said Cristian Ramos, shareholder of the company. “With this unification, we are confident that AIFIT will position itself as one of the leading brands in the sports apparel market in Latin America, and we look forward to bringing our passion for sport and innovation to athletes and fans across the continent.”

AIFIT is proud to maintain its commitment to excellence, quality and technology in the manufacturing of its products. The brand seeks to inspire athletes to reach their full potential, and its arrival in Argentina is a significant step in its mission to promote an active and healthy lifestyle throughout the region.

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About Athletic International Fit (AIFIT):

Athletic International Fit (AIFIT) is a U.S.-based investment fund dedicated to promoting the development of quality athletic apparel brands worldwide. Its brand name, AIFIT, reflects its commitment to excellence and innovation in the sports market, providing performance and comfort products for athletes and enthusiasts around the world. With the acquisition of the local Chilean brand Onefit, AIFIT expands its presence in Latin America and prepares to launch in Argentina, Chile and the U.S. market.