Soon you will be able to enjoy the quality and design
by AIFIT – Athletic International Fit

At AIFIT, we understand design
like a harmonious combination of form and function.
We strive to create sportswear that adapts to the needs and demands of our users, constantly using technological innovations to improve their experience and performance.

We believe in the importance of being true to yourself and expressing our individuality through our actions and choices. AIFIT promotes authenticity as an essential quality both in sport and in everyday life.

We seek to inspire a global community
of individuals who embrace their authenticity
and strive to reach their full potential.

Authenticity and Uniqueness

In a world where peer pressure and expectations can influence our decisions, AIFIT encourages people to be authentic and embrace their uniqueness. We recognize that each individual has their own style, goals and passions, and we value diversity in all its forms. “Be Authentic” invites us to be ourselves without fear of being judged, inspiring confidence and empowerment.

Break Barriers
and Overcome

Being authentic implies overcoming barriers and challenging the limitations imposed by society or by oneself. AIFIT encourages its users to break stereotypes and challenge established limits, both in sports and in life in general.

Honesty and

“Be Authentic” also involves being honest and transparent in all of our interactions. AIFIT is committed to providing clear and truthful information about our products, manufacturing processes and commitments to sustainability. We foster authentic relationships based on trust with our clients, collaborators and communities, and to challenge established limits, both in sports and in life in general.

Garment Technology

Innovative performance fabrics

Experts in sports knowledge

World-class engineering manufacturing

Durability tested to the extreme

Validated by professional athletes

The DryTech technology in our sports garments offers excellent moisture control. Designed to keep your body dry and comfortable during your most intense workouts, this highly breathable fabric absorbs sweat from the skin and disperses it quickly, allowing for efficient evaporation. Stay cool and dry with our DryTech apparel.

Our ClimaTech technology provides exceptional climate control during your sports activities. This innovative fabric helps regulate your body temperature, offering a sensation of freshness and comfort in warm climates. Additionally, it facilitates sweat evaporation to keep you dry at all times. Enjoy optimal performance with our ClimaTech apparel.

When low temperatures arise, our WarmTech technology comes into action. This thermal insulation fabric keeps you warm and comfortable in cold conditions. Its heat retention capabilities provide a cozy feeling without sacrificing breathability, allowing your body to stay comfortably regulated in cool climates. Confront the cold with confidence with our WarmTech apparel.

Our StormTech technology is designed to protect you from the elements. Garments with this waterproof fabric keep you dry in heavy rain. Its water-repellent outer layer prevents moisture penetration, while its breathability ensures sweat is expelled, keeping you comfortable and dry in any adverse weather condition. Shield yourself from the weather with our StormTech apparel.

When the wind blows strongly, our WindTech technology acts as a protective shield. Garments with this wind-blocking fabric provide an effective barrier against cold gusts of air. Its intelligent design prevents the entry of unwanted drafts, allowing you to maintain an optimal body temperature during your outdoor activities. Conquer the wind with confidence with our WindTech apparel.


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AIFIT Expands its Presence to Argentina

AIFIT Expands its Presence to Argentina

AIFIT Expands its Presence to Argentina, Opening Offices in Rosario, the Birthplace of Renowned Footballers Messi, Maxi Rodríguez, and Di María.


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